Turbo Charge MD Interview with Jill Swartz, President and Founder of Specialty Med Training

On this episode, Rich Force, CEO of Medical Marketing Solutions interviews Jill Swartz, Founder and President of Specialty Med Training, a membership model designed specifically for clinicians in the functional, regenerative, preventative and medical-spa space. The majority of their members operate cash-based centers or are practitioners ready to transition out of the insurance model once and for all!
Specialty Med Training offers:
  • Membership that is overflowing with privileges. Just the mere accessibility to the leaders in this space is of exponential value. Mainly because it doesn’t exist anywhere.
  • The “access” benefits are the educational components. Currently there are 12 online courses, from combination therapies in sexual wellness for men and women utilizing PRP, Shockwave Therapy, Penile Doppler Ultrasound, RF for vaginal rejuvenation, to advanced aesthetic courses for facial injections to Regenerative Hair Regrowth procedures using Micro needling, PRP, Pharmaceutical Peptides, LLLT, and more. We are adding to this list every day.
  • They also offer preceptorship opportunities where you can go spend a day in the life of a working practice with one of their expert educators. This is by far one of the best ways to learn.
  • Included in all of the education is the implementation forms, including; pre and post, consents, suggested pricing and timing, supply details and resources on where to purchase needed equipment and devices. Immense Value!
  • They also offer access to marketing collateral, brochures, patient seminar presentations, all the things a practice needs to get up and running with a new procedure offering.
Medical Marketing Solutions is your one stop shop for everything involving Marketing and Sales to help private pay, cash based medical practices increase their revenues and profits.
The combined synergies between Specialty Med Training and Medical Marketing Solutions has created the private pay medical community with the first comprehensive solution for the best in medical training, sales and marketing solutions, education and consulting.
For more information on Specialty Med Training, visit www. specialtymedtraining.com or call 561-408-7248.
For more information on Medical Marketing Solutions, visit www.medicalmarketingsolution.com or call 888-292-1147.

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