2016 The efficacy of platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: initial outcomes

Joseph J. Banno, MD1, Tyson Kinnick, PA1, Lisbeth Roy, DO2, Paul P. Perito, MD3, Gabriele Antonini, MD4, Daniella Banno1
1: Midwest Urological Group, Peoria, IL; 2: Doctors Studio, Boca Raton, FL; 3: Perito Urology, Miami, FL; 4: Antonini Urology, Roma, Italy 

2014 Research Study Comparison of Angel Whole Blood Separation System and EmCyte PurePRP®

Prepared by Robert Mandle, PhD
Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA

2016 Research Study Comparison of EmCyte GS30-PurePRP® II, EmCyte GS60-PurePRP® II, Arteriocyte MAGELLAN, Stryker REGENKIT®THT, and ECLIPSE PRP

Principle Investigator
Robert Mandle, PhD
Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA
Prepared for: Patrick Pennie Chairman & CEO EmCyte Corporation®

Men’s Power-Pressure Wave Erectile Regeneration-Therapy: an Early Assessment

Jason Perelman and Vaughan Daniels Hepnar*
Cambridge University, UK

2015 Bone marrow aspirate concentrates produced with the EmCyte GSBMA-544E system and the Harvest/Terumo BMAC2 system

Prepared for: Patrick Pennie
Chairman & CEO EmCyte Corporation
Sample analysis by: Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA

Efficiency Assessment of Shock Wave Therapy in Patients with Pelvic Pain Employing Harmonic Analysis of Penile Bioimpedance

L. A. Khodyreva, A. A. Dudareva, I. S. Mudraya**, T. G. Markosyan*, S. V. Revenko***, K. V. Kumachev, and L. A. Logvinov

2015 Research Study Comparisons of and EmCyte PurePRP® II 2015, Harvest/Terumo APC60,/Clear PRP, and Arthrex Angel PRP Products

Principle Investigator
Robert Mandie, PhD
Biosciences Research Associates Cambridge, MA
Prepared for: Patrick Pennie, Chairman & CEO EmCyte Corporation

Shock waves may change future of ED therapy Procedure offers promise of disease modification vs. symptomatic treatment

Urology Times – November 17, 2017

2014 A Pilot Study of the Effect of Localized Injections of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Charles Runels*, Hugh Melnick, Ernest Debourbon and Lisbeth Roy
Medical School, Birmingham, Alabama, USA