Specialty MED Training offers hands on 1 and 2-day regenerative combination therapy courses led by a team of board certified medical experts. Physicians work side by side learning advanced scientific techniques utilizing platelet rich plasma (PRP), shockwave therapy, imaging and aesthetic applications to enhance providers medical skill and injection techniques.

Our specialty training courses are conducted in a medical practice setting and procedures are performed on actual patients, further enhancing the learning experience. In addition to understanding how to prep patients, process biologics and apply therapies, attendees will also learn critical business steps to successfully implement regenerative procedures into their clinical practice – including how to talk to patients.

Private training at your office is available and by far the best type of training you can receive. Not only will you learn in the environment you are most comfortable in – treating patients who trust you and who you can follow up with – you will have the expert training physician’s undivided attention.

Dr. Joseph Banno is known throughout the urological community as a urologist’s urologist. His care, his attention to detail, and his knowledge was exceptional. I am now building a large practice similar to his using the guidance and expertise from his training.

Abraham L Woods, III, MDUrologist

Being a urologist, I knew I had the skills for the procedure, but you really provided me with the knowledge to carry them out with great confidence…. It was non-stop two days of learning and invaluable experiences."

Eric Chenven, MDUrologist

Training was totally hands-on; the experience with live patients taught me a wealth of information. I was also impressed my office staff learned what they needed to do with patient preparation and PRP processing - their training is just as important, and they did a wonderful job teaching them.”

Greg Andros, MDUrologist

As a PA with experience in regenerate medicine, I was impressed by his comprehensive program which efficiently, ethically, and safely offers physicians a detailed map of how to approach this fascinating and innovating field. Most importantly, his patient’s gratitude proved testimony to the effeteness of his unique protocol.”

Elizabeth Bonet, PA


Providing comprehensive didactic material, hands-on patient treatments, recognized certification, proprietary protocols and proven business building strategies.

      Online Training

Advanced Urological
Regenerative Techniques
Joseph Banno, MD
Hands-On Group Training
Peoria, Illinois

PRP Combined with Shockwave Therapy (LISWT) for Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction
Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy
Optional Doppler Training (additional day required)

Call 561-408-7248 for more details about training with Dr. Banno.


Facial Artistry, Male and Female Sexual Wellness & Hair Restoration 
Lisa Vuich, MD
Hands-On Group Training
Windham, New Hampshire

PRP Facial and Facelift, including combination therapy with PRP, dermal filler and PDO threads
PRP Combined with Shockwave Therapy (LISWT) for Male Sexual Dysfunction
PRP for Female Sexual Dysfunction, including Viveve
PRP Hair Restoration

Call 561-408-7248 for more details about training with Dr. Vuich.
Optional Private Training Available


Male Sexual Wellness,
Hormone Replacement Therapy & Hair Restoration
George Shapiro, MD
Hands-On Group Training
NYC & White Plains, New York

PRP Combined with Shockwave Therapy (LISWT) 
PRP Hair Restoration
HRT, Peptides and more

Call 561-408-7248 for more details about training with Dr. Shapiro.


Male and Female Sexual Wellness, Pellet Therapy, Facial Artistry & Hair Restoration
Marissa Magsino, MD
Hands-On Group Training
Orlando, Florida

PRP for Male Sexual Dysfunction
PRP for Female Sexual Dysfunction including 
Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy
PRP Hair Restoration
PRP Facial and Facelift

Call 561-408-7248 for more details about training with Dr. Magsino.
Optional Private Training Available


All trainings include but are not limited to:

• Proprietary Protocols
• Pre and Post Instruction Details
• Medical Supply Details
• Equipment and Device Resource Details
• Suggested Procedure Pricing
• Scheduling Recommendations
• Office Implementation Forms


Effective marketing strategies are a key component to acquire new patients and successfully launch these regenerative therapies in your practice. In fact, you can’t bring these procedures to your practice offering without a solid marketing game plan.  Our course will provide you with access to marketing experts who have years of experience in cash-based procedure implementation.