Dr. Joseph Banno Launches Online Training Program for Sexual Wellness

Virtual Hands-On Courses on PRP and Shockwave Therapy for Men and Women

PEORIA, ILLINOIS -(AUGUST 27, 2018) – Specialty Med Training, one of the nation’s largest training, research and marketing companies has launched their first round of physician-led online training courses, with the introductory series focused on male and female sexual dysfunction. The comprehensive video instructed courses, taught by Joseph Banno, MD, renowned urologist and sexual wellness expert, are hosted onthe International Academy of Aesthetics (IAA) online learning management platform.

“I’m extremely proud to be the first urologist to offer this format of virtual hands-on training and make these video courses available essentially to the entire world via the world wide web.” said Dr. Joe Banno. “There is a desperate need for providers to learn from other qualified physicians – peer to peer – ones who have successfully implemented these therapies into clinical practice.”

The comprehensive video training courses depict Dr. Banno performing procedures on actual patients of Banno Urology, located in Peoria, IL.

“As a physician educator, I feel a responsibility not only to my fellow colleagues, but to patients everywhere. The field of regenerative medicine is growing rapidly and many of the new non-surgical applications, including platelet rich plasma and shockwave therapy, offer amazing results to treat erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. However, the training doctors receive must be based on the most current scientific and clinical data in an effort to drive effective protocols and best practice decisions.” said Dr. Banno.

There are seven advanced virtual training courses offered in this first release, including:

  1. Didactic 101: PRP and Shockwave Therapy for Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction
  2. PRP Injections for Male Sexual Dysfunction
  3. PRP Injections for Female Sexual Dysfunction
  4. PRP Injections for Male and Female Dysfunction
  5. Combination PRP and Shockwave for Male Sexual Dysfunction
  6. Combination PRP and Shockwave for Female Sexual Dysfunction
  7. Combination PRP and Shockwave for Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction

The training courses are intended for all practitioners; those with no experience using regenerative therapies to those with significant experience. Upon final completion of the online course, graduates will be certified by the IAA and Specialty MED Training.

Specialty MED will launch additional online courses scheduled for release in early 2019. These virtual hands-on courses will include penile doppler training, combination PRP and pulse wave for musculoskeletal, hair regeneration and facial aesthetics. Additional online certification for peptides and CBD (medical cannabis) will follow quickly behind.

To register for online training, visit specialtymedtraining.com/online-training or call 561-408-7248.


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