Treating the Orgasm Gap for Female Orgasmic Disorder Combining Shockwave Therapy PRP BHRT Peptides and More

Research is showing that combining regenerative therapies can optimize treatment results. They can work synergistically to create a better patient outcome than using only one mode of therapy.


This course offers expert insight and details on combining the latest regenerative treatment options to address female orgasmic disorder (FOD) and female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

Different therapies and newer technologies have different targets and different mechanisms of action to help women who suffer from FSD and FOD. By combining therapies, you can dramatically optimize the treatment outcomes and long-term clinical results for your female patients.

Moderated by SMT expert educator Lisa Vuich, MD, the course material dives deep into the latest science, literature and clinical protocol options to target the “Orgasm Gap” for women.

The in-depth, hour long certification course features a patient being treated using video demonstration and the following didactic material:

  • What is the “Orgasm Gap”
  • Recent Orgasm Research
  • Assessing Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD)
  • Clitoral Anatomy
  • Evolution of Shockwave Therapy, in brief
  • Application of Shockwave Therapy for Women
  • Other treatment modalities: Bio Identical HRT, Peptide (Bremelanotide/PT-141), Topical and Oral Rx, PRP, Energy-Based Vaginal Rejuvenation (Laser/RF-if indicated), and other clitoral stimulation options

This material presented in this course will educate on combining these different clinical applications to help your female patients with orgasm function, but also help to rejuvenate and repair damaged tissue for many conditions including; painful intercourse, vaginal atrophy and dryness, lichen sclerosis, interstitial cystitis and urinary incontinence.

In addition to understanding how to prep patients, process biologics and when and how to apply the combination therapy treatments, this course provides video during a live demonstration performed on an actual patient.

This course also includes full access to proprietary clinical protocols and the following supportive material:

  • Proprietary Protocols
    • Pre and Post Procedure Instruction Details
    • Medical Supply Details
    • Equipment and Device Resource Details
    • Suggested Procedure Pricing
    • Scheduling Recommendations
    • Office Implementation Forms
    • Certificate of Completion

This course is intended for all practitioners.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This procedure is done through the discretion of the practicing physician. Specialty MED Training is not liable or responsible for patient results or complications.


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