Four Leading Companies in Preventive Medicine Lead First-of-its-Kind Research on Aging.

BOCA RATON, FL – (December 3rd, 2020) – Specialty Med Training, (SMT) one of the nation’s largest training, research and marketing companies has aligned on a shared mission with TruDiagnostic™, Quicksilver Scientific and Jinfiniti Precision Medicine to study the effects of targeted supplementation on key aging factors, in hopes to fundamentally advance the field preventive medicine. 

The three leading science-based companies are paving an uncharted path to objectively research the effect of Quicksilver’s 3-month supplement protocol aimed to improve AMPK and NAD function and its effect on the immune system. In addition, studying its ability to target aging with actionable biomarkers using advanced blood testing.  

Utilizing TruDiagnostic’s state-of-the-art epigenetics testing on DNA methylation patterns and Jinfiniti’s advanced test that measures key aging factors including inflammation, senescence, oxidative stress, tissue damages, protein alterations and micronutrients, the potential of this research outcome will be unprecedented in how physicians will be able to help their patients 

move towards a lifestyle that is healthy and free of sickness and disease.

Specialty Med Training brings to the table its national network of leading physicians who are pioneers in the fields of functional, preventive and regenerative medicine. “Creating research opportunities is a core value of Specialty Med; I’m honored with the role I can play in supporting  the physicians I am privileged to work with,” said Jill Swartz, President of Specialty Med Training. 

Dr. Christopher Shade, President of Quicksilver Scientific is the leading sponsor of this study. Shade has dedicated his entire career to scientific research and the 3-month nutraceutical protocol he designed is indisputably the most effective cellular level detoxification program available on the market today. 

To learn more, including how you may be a part of this research study, email Jill Swartz at


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