Introduction to PRP and Microcannula Techniques
Full Day 8 hrs. – Private Instruction

The Microcannula technique is an innovative method of performing facial fillers injections which is rapidly becoming the “standard of care” in facial aesthetics.

Advantages of the Microcannula technique:
The blunt tip along with the flexibility of the microcannula provides several advantages over the traditional sharp needles:

  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Less pain associated with the injection
  • Safer injection technique – reduced risk of vascular occlusion
  • Multiple areas can be reached from a single-entry point
  • Less downtime after the treatment before upcoming social activities- less swelling and bruising
  • Smoother deposition of filler, fewer “bumps”
  • The movement of the microcannula through the tissue stimulates the production of new collagen, further enhancing treatment outcomes

Microcannula technique does, however, have a bit more of a learning curve.

This comprehensive 8-hour Introduction to PRP and Microcannula Techniques certification course provides participants with extensive hands on training in injection techniques utilizing dermal filler and platelet rich plasma (PRP). This course includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The science of platelet rich plasma and review of FDA approved PRP kits
  • Choosing the appropriate dermal filler for the job, and how to “make a syringe sing”
  • How to evaluate facial aging and plan treatment approaches, set expectations and creating natural looking results
  • Mastering injection technique – including advanced areas such as tear trough, lip injection, nose contouring, cheek and chin augmentation, pre-jowl sulcus, temples, brow lift, acne scarring
  • Methods for combining injectables and PRP with PDO threads and/or with Silhouette InstaLift sutures
  • Potential complications and how to minimize risk
  • Hyaluronidase protocol
  • Neuromodulator pearls and protocols
  • Documenting procedures, consent forms, photography
  • Supply lists and vendor resources
  • Certificate of Completion from Specialty Med Training

This course is appropriate for both the experienced injector who has not yet mastered microcannula technique, or the novice injector who wants to learn this technique early on in their aesthetic career. This technique is ideal for lip augmentation, tear trough correction, perioral work, cheek lifts and hand rejuvenation. It can also, of course, be used to deliver PRP or PRFM, as well as Sculptra® Aesthetic.

Please bring your model(s) and dermal fillers of choice. Advice on which fillers to bring will be provided prior to your course date, according to your model’s needs and your specific areas of interest. PRP kits, Neurotoxin as needed, and all other supplies are included. If you are not licensed in New Hampshire, you will need to bring your own Model.

In addition to a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and practical experience, attendees will also learn critical business steps to successfully implement regenerative procedures into their clinical practice – including how to talk to patients, inform them about these procedures and follow up treatment plans.

Certificate of Completion

Once you successfully complete the Introduction to PRP and Microcannula Techniques training, you will receive a certificate of completion certified by Specialty Med Training.

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