Elizabeth Bonet, PA-C

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Elizabeth Bonet, PA-C, is a Physician Assistant and clinical educator in training who specializes in regenerative medicine for the treatment of spine, musculoskeletal, and urologic pathologies.

A Miami native, Elizabeth obtained her Masters Degree in Clinical Medical Sciences from Barry University in 2007 and is currently a Florida licensed, NCCPA Certified Physician Assistant.

She spent the first 10 years of her career in a private concierge minimally invasive spine surgery practice. During this time, she played a key role in all aspects of managing patient care and over time became a highly skilled surgical PA and clinician who was committed to her role of being an extension of her surgeon and advocate to her patients.

In 2016, she took the initiative of developing, organizing and implementing a comprehensive protocol to provide autologous biologic treatments as an alternative to surgery for patients suffering from musculoskeletal and discogenic back pain. Focusing on patient selection, education, and safety, her goal was to create a blue print for incorporating regenerative medicine into the practice. After 6 months of research, training, and meticulous planning she was successful in reaching her goal. During the next 6 months, she was amazed by how much patient outcomes had surpassed expectations and her newfound passion for regenerative medicine grew exponentially.

She was motivated to continue her own education by way of initiating a unique fellowship with Dr. Joseph Banno, MD, board certified Urologist and leading authority on the uses of PRP for sexual dysfunction. Broadening her scope of practice into the field of urology she now serves as an extension of Dr. Banno in performing and co-training his protocols to urologists and gynecologists across the country.

Today, Elizabeth is devoted to contributing to the advancement of regenerative medicine by offering physicians the opportunity to utilize her experience and protocols and incorporate them into their practice. She has joined forces with Specialty MED Training, a collaboration of medical providers who share her commitment to use the most current scientific and clinical data to drive protocol decisions and best practices with the intention to set a standard for the clinical use of PRP with optimal patient outcome as the primary goal.

Elizabeth Bonet offers physicians private trainings in the comfort of their own practice in the following:

Regenerative Medicine Therapies
Autologous Biologic Harvesting and Processing
• Platelet Rich Plasma
• Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate
• Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Low Energy Shockwave Therapy
• Intradiscal with Flouroscopy guidance
• IntraFacet
• SI Joint

• Intraarticular
• Tendons, Ligaments via Ultrasound guidance technique

Sexual Wellness
• PRP Penile Injection
• PRP Vaginal Injection

• Hair Regrowth
• Facial Regeneration

All of Specialty MED Training Advanced Programs include the following:

Equipment and Supplies  
Detailed list of items
Resource and contacts for all equipment and supplies

Administrative Staff Instruction
Scheduling and pricing recommendations
Extensive PRP and procedure specific FAQs

Clinical Staff Instruction
Individual procedure supply checklist
Individual procedure process checklist

Patient Paperwork
Medical intake form
Validated patient questionnaires
Informed consent form
Pre and post procedure instructions

Provider Support
Procedure protocols and step by step instruction
Procedure notes

Ongoing Collaboration & Clinical Education with Industry Leaders
“Best Practice” Protocols
Literature Review
Clinical Trends
Research Opportunities
Brain Trust of Like-Minded Physicians

World Class Marketing
Annual marketing plan
Customized brochures
Customized office video loop (waiting room promotion)
Customized email content
Seminar in a Box
Press release announcing provider training and certification