Dr. Victoria Ron’s Testimonial

Specialty MED Training is delighted to share Dr. Victoria Ron’s thoughts about her recent Private Hands-On Training on Female Sexual Wellness and Hair Regrowth. The training was held last Friday (January 20th) in Miami, Florida, with the attentive guidance of Specialty MED’s expert instructor Tali Arviv, MD.

“It was hands down absolutely necessary and very educational,” concluded Dr. Victoria.

Specialty MED’s Hands-On Trainings are always a huge success because it eliminates the learning curve, allowing practitioners to quickly and confidently prepare to implement highly effective regenerative protocols and master techniques in their own practice settings.

Contact us at info@specialtymedtraining.com or 561-408-7248 to learn more about our upcoming Hands-On Group Trainings, or to customize and schedule a private training that fits your personal needs.


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