Dr. Lisa Vuich Offers Online Certification Course for Female Orgasmic Disorder

Dr. Lisa Vuich Offers Online Certification Course for Female Orgasmic Disorder

Virtual Training includes a Video Demonstration of Shockwave Therapy Treatment

BOCA RATON, FL – (AUGUST 11, 2020) – Specialty Med Training has released several physician-led training programs since launching their online learning portal in 2018, including many with a focus on male and female sexual dysfunction. One of their leading clinical educators, Lisa Vuich, MD, recently launched a specialty course that dives deep into the orgasm gap between men and women and the different types of treatments specifically focused on women. This latest course will reveal new facts and data relating to new research on female orgasmic disorder (FOD) and includes video demonstration of the shockwave therapy treatment applied on a female patient.  

Among many others in the field, Dr. Vuich believes it is important to raise awareness for female sexuality to help shrink the “orgasm gap.” She states, “We know that a number of women in all age groups have significant difficulty achieving orgasm.” This is proven in recent research studies involving women ranging in age from 18-65. There are many contributing factors for this, including FOD.

This “Treating The Orgasm Gap” course will show a collection of data which explains the variations in orgasm occurrence for females, different goals for treating the condition, contributing factors to what may cause the gap and also several different modalities for treatment. 

Dr. Vuich shares details about shockwave therapy and its possibility as a treatment option for women. Since 2010, shockwave therapy has been used to treat men with erectile dysfunction. Although it is a slightly newer option for women, Dr. Vuich is confident in the approach. “We should want to increase every women’s potential for truly satisfying sex,” Dr. Vuich explains. Shockwave therapy is backed by scientific studies for men, and it physiologically makes sense for use in women. “The goal is to find a protocol, or combination of protocols, that will augment or improve overall sexual function in women.” Says Dr. Vuich.

This training and others offered by Specialty Med Training are designed for all practitioners, regardless of their experience with use of the specific therapy. For more information or to register for online training, call 561-408-7248 or visit specialtymedtraining.com/online-training


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