Who We Are

Specialty MED is a national training, research and marketing company; dedicated to helping physicians bring the latest regenerative therapies and treatment options to their patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and collect the most current scientific and clinical data to drive protocol and best practice decisions while leading the path towards evidence-based medicine

What We Are About

Specialty MED is actively building a network of leading providers committed to the ethical and responsible advancement of the use of regenerative therapies in clinical practice.


  • Advanced Training & Certification: Hands-on and Online experiential clinical modules. Developed “Standard of Care” components for established, effective protocols.
  • Vetted Devices/Equipment: Leading system in autologous cellular biologics, pulse wave, RF vaginal rejuvenation, micro-needling and post procedure devices, products and compounded pharmacies.
  • Digital Manual: Membership portal includes library of detailed clinical material and marketing assets to support clinician’s regenerative practice program.
  • Physician Fellowship: Established “Brain Trust” of like-minded physicians; conducting research and sharing ideas to advance the application of functional, regenerative and sexual medicine.
  • Research: Collect scientific and clinical data to establish protocol and best practice decisions. Develop and identify research opportunities to network members including participation in studies, lectures, published papers and more.


Jill Swartz, Founder & President

Jill Swartz founded Specialty MED in June of 2018. Jill Swartz has 15+ years of experience building, aligning and reimagining companies in the health and wellness industry on the brink of innovation and edge of rapid growth. She is a master at building, transforming and expanding companies to LEAD THE MARKET by providing broad, creative vision outside traditional boundaries to accelerate business visibility, sales, and profitability – often an unconventional path outside the constraints of health insurance- always with an unyielding focus on improving patient lives and advancing the field of medicine.

Alicia Harding
Operations Director

Tami Banno
Clinical Sales Director